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Janice Lim

I had been active in the workforce until recently, when the company I had been pouring my heart and soul for more than 10 years told me that they no longer needed me. I was upset for a while, but attending a retreat helped me change my mindset and encouraged me to approach life with renewed vigour. It was at this point that I was inspired to form PioneerCAN to help seniors in Singapore who are still healthy and have vast amounts of working experience that could allow them to make invaluable contributions in the workplace.

Maylin Chen

I am a mother of 5 and have many years of experience in managing the wholesale business of precious gems and metals. I stopped working full-time 16 years ago to care for a family member, but recently returned to the job market in search of part-time work. My situation opened my eyes to the fact that many seniors are similarly in need of part-time work, which would allow them to achieve a measure of financial independence while still having time for family. I believe in helping these people lead more fulfilling lives by providing them with this balance.

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