What is PioneerCAN?

PioneerCAN is a social enterprise primarily meant to help seniors in Singapore find fulfilling work.

We make it our mission to find suitable part-time jobs for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who would like to feel more productive and active in their lives, especially those entering the later years of their life, and are willing to try a new work environment or learn a new skill.

Whom is PioneerCAN for?

Broadly, our services are aimed at older people in Singapore who are looking for part-time work. An example would be anyone who has retired from full-time work, but would like to remain productive and working while still having enough time for themselves and family.

Although our services are primarily aimed at, and may be best suited for members of the older generation in Singapore, we do not specify any particular minimum age.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
Looking for part-time work
Committed and willing to learn, with a growth-oriented mindset

Why PioneerCAN?

As the life expectancy in Singapore increases and the baby boomer generation ages, a greater proportion of Singapore's population will come to be accounted for by people in their senior years. More specifically, data suggests that people aged 65 and above in Singapore will soon account for about a quarter of the country’s population.

years of life expectancy in Singapore
1 in 4
people aged 65 and above in Singapore by 2030
people aged 65 and above in Singapore by 2030

However, even as we age, working remains a vital component of our lives. One reason is the need for money: many of Singapore’s seniors find it increasingly difficult to meet the costs of daily living.

Working also helps enhance social connectedness later in life. Economists Eleonora Patacchini and Gary Engelhardt surveyed 1,300 people from age 57 and found that people who continued to work past retirement age had an increase of 25% in their family and friend networks, compared with those who retired and experienced a decrease in those networks.

Working may also provide physical benefits by encouraging people to commute and move around a workplace, and cognitive benefits by providing mental stimulation and opportunities for problem-solving. A 2015 study found that people who worked past age 65 were about three times more likely to report being in good health and about half as likely to have serious health problems, such as cancer or heart disease.

minimum estimated amount per month for basic living needs
increase in social networks when continuing to work past retirement
likelihood of seniors being in good health if they continue to work

We also recognise the needs of many in Singapore, senior or otherwise, who find themselves in a situation where they would like to move from full-time to part-time work to make time for family and themselves, while continuing to earn money and lead productive lives.

Need work? We're ready to help.

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