We believe in the value of doing fulfilling work at any age.

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PioneerCAN is a social enterprise that connects members of the older generation in Singapore with part-time jobs.

How It Works

If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, we can help find you suitable part-time work in a few easy steps.


Tell us about yourself: your name, date of birth, preferred jobs, and your availability.


Wait for us to contact you. We’ll have a short conversation with you to find out how best to connect you with the work you want.


Become connected with a job that suits your needs, skills, and availability.

Is your company looking to provide opportunities with PioneerCAN? We'd love to work with you.

Adeline, 52
Both after leaving my full-time job to spend time with my aged parents, and after their passing, I strove to find meaningful work to fill my spare time. As a result, when PioneerCAN provided me with an assignment, I jumped at the opportunity. I value the flexibility that part-time work offers, and am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to society and to interact with the wonderful people I now work with.”
charmaine, 47
“I am very grateful to PioneerCAN for connecting me with part-time jobs in the hospitality industry. I was a housewife until the recent death of my husband, after which I had to become the sole breadwinner of the family. PioneerCAN has enabled me to work and earn money while still being there for my 16-year-old son when he gets home from school, ensuring he does not become a latchkey child.”
ronnie, 67
"As a senior, I believe many of us want to continue working, but on different terms. We may only be able to work part-time due to other commitments such as religious, community, or grandparenting duties. Working serves many purposes for us: enabling us to provide for ourselves financially, filling a void during the day, and allowing us to help others using skills we’ve acquired over the years.”
Mdm Yoon, 59
“I approached PioneerCAN to ask for work so that I could feel more useful. I want to be able to go out and buy what I like and indulge myself without having to ask others for money. On top of that, working would help me pass the time and make more friends. Most importantly, the part-time aspect ensures I still have time to care for my handicapped daughter.”